Want a New Garage? Consider Options to Increase Storage Space

Garages began their life as the Carriage House.  They were located behind the main house and were developed to house the automobile.  With advancing technology in automotive design to remove the smelly oil and gas fumes, people wanted the “car house” moved closer to the home and even attached to the side of the house for easy access.

Decide on Detached or Attached Garage?
A new garage can be a separate building behind the house; a separate building close to the house and attached by a breezeway; or attached to the home.  There are options to suit any homeowner desiring modern designs to complement their home.

Consider a New Structure Built to Specifications
Local building and homeowners ordinances specify if the lot can accommodate a new structure.  The lot has to be deep enough to locate the building with proper easements between the new building and the property line. You may want the building design for the new garage to accommodate several cars with storage units.

Options Galore!
Design options include gable and hip roofs, flat roofs, and barn roofs.  It all depends on what will complement your home.  There are many options for doors that will beautify any building. You can even use a “red barn” design that is very attractive. There are numerous exterior facing options such as siding, shingles, brick and the like.

Add a Second Floor to Dramatically Increase Space
Adding dormers for a second floor to your new unit increases the utility function.  It can be designed to be used as a storage unit, a home office, or even a “mother-in=law apartment.” The apartment option can be converted into a rental unit if local ordinances allow it.  If so, let the renters pay for the building!

Attach an Expanded Garage to an Existing House  
This option is more expensive but should be considered if the lot is shallow or local ordinances prohibit a second detached unit.  If space permits, expanding the one car garage to a new two or three car garage (or golf cart garage) will add value to your home.  If you have a two-story house, add a second floor to add storage space, home office, man cave, craft room or family room.

The roofing should match the existing roof design of the home.  The exterior facing can match the existing home facing.  New garage doors will enhance and beautify any home.  Also, there are reface options for attached garages and for detached units to spruce up existing structures.

Storage space is rare in homes built without basements.  The garage is the obvious place to build new storage units.  The options range from installing shelving, building closets, and using garage utility designs available from a number of suppliers.  Any redesign of the garage unit should consider storage space.

The professionals at Georges Garages & Doors, Inc. can help you design and build a new garage to suit your needs.  We have the expertise to design a unit and offer options to make your new garage an attractive addition to your property.

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