A New Garage Can Increase the Value of Your Home

Do you have plans to sell your home and want to know the best way to best increase its overall value? Have you been considering building a new garage but worry that it’s too large of an investment? The good news is that you can invest in a new garage and get a return on your money when you sell your home because a new garage will increase the value of your home. A garage, either attached or detached, is one aspect of a home that buyers look for when shopping the market. Carports are nice and provide a level of protection and enclosed carports give a home more space, but a garage is the most desirable when it comes to parking and storage for your home.

Provide A Safe Place to Park

Garages increase the value of your home because they provide a safe place to park your vehicles. Many homeowners worry about leaving their car exposed to the elements, while some homebuyers want a place to store a show or antique car. An enclosed garage also provides an increased level of security from theft of or damage to a vehicle. You could have a beautiful home with a newly remodeled kitchen, but the fact that you don’t have a garage could be the deciding factor for a buyer.

Additional Storage Space

If your home is smaller, building a new garage will provide additional storage space. This can be a big draw for buyers when you go to sell your home. A detached garage can be built with additional space in the back designated for storage. Some people will prefer not to have to store items in a hot attic, and if you use a professional garage builder the garage should be secure enough that it won’t leak or pool water, ensuring that stored items won’t be damaged.

If you’ve been considering the construction of a new garage, don’t hesitate to get estimates and begin planning. You can recoup the cost of a new garage in the asking price of your home when you sell, so consider it an investment with a return. Just make sure to build a garage that will last longer than your home so that you don’t have to worry about repairs or renovations, which can decrease the value you get from the investment.

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