How to Collaborate with Your Garage Contractor

When you hire a home garage builder to construct a detached garage on your property, you should collaborate closely to ensure you get the result you want. But how do you collaborate with a contractor without being in the way? Are there certain questions you should ask before the project starts? Remember that ultimately you have to be excited about the finished product, which means that you need to build a good working relationship with your contractor from the beginning. Here are some tips to help you out.

Interview Contractors and Get Estimates

Before you hire a home garage builder, speak with at least three different contractors. You not only want to get an estimate of the work, including how long it will take to complete the project, but you want to get a feel for the contractor and determine if he seems open to your suggestions and questions. If you don’t feel comfortable with your builder during the interview, you won’t feel comfortable addressing questions or concerns during the project. You also need to feel comfortable with how your contractor prices the project. Make sure the rates you get are competitive, and ask how the cost will change based on issues that may come up during the building process.

Explain What You Want

A home garage builder should be able to work with you to create the perfect new garage. Even if you don’t know the technical terms for what you want, show your contractor photos of garages you like and ask how feasible it is for that style to work on your property. A good builder will consider your wants and compare those with your needs and recommend the perfect style garage. Make sure your builder knows that you’re willing to consider their ideas for changes, and then collaborate to ensure you get the perfect garage.

Communicate Well

The best way to collaborate with your contractor is to communicate effectively before and during the project. If you notice that something looks different from what you discussed, don’t be afraid to ask the builder if changes needed to be made. In most cases, your builder will come to you about any changes but when under a time crunch, you may have to ask questions to make sure you’re kept informed during the building process.

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