Custom Garage Builders Will You Help You Make a Decision

Today’s garages are a lot more than the little boxes that house your vehicles.  They take on many different shapes and sizes and purposes.  They can be attached, detached, 1-story, 1-1/2-story, 2-story, sized for 1, 2, 3, or more vehicles.  They can even convert from garage to workshop, boat or RV protection, apartment, recreation room, or carport.  Who knew this??

Specialty Garage Builders Make It Happen
Custom garage builders knew this all along.  We do not have to settle for just garages.  Through the wonder of today’s designers and builders, we can now add a pool house, an in-law suite, or a family room where once we had only a garage.  It may or may not house a vehicle.  Whatever the customer can dream, the builder can construct. Builders that specialize in building garages will have the expertise and experience to fulfill your design concept and preferences accurately and with high standards of workmanship.

Adding a New Garage Can Have Many Advantages
Although this sounds like an expensive addition, but an additional room to your home will have many advantages when built by custom garage builders.  They use materials that are strong, flexible, and long-lasting.  They can build to standard or custom specifications, or a combination of the two.

Standard Features:

  • Budget-friendly
  • Ample sized square footage for both storage and parking
  • Long-lasting and attractive roof coverings
  • Turn-key operation includes all permits, inspections, and designs
  • Match colors on existing home

Custom Features:

  • New structure that complements existing structures
  • Newest polymer floor coatings, custom cabinets, shelving, storage units
  • Built to customer’s tastes and budget
  • Different roof designs and shingles, special sidings including cedar, vinyl, brick
  • Can add heated square footage to your home when attached

We May Need Help Selecting this New Garage
That is the beauty of hiring custom garage builders.  They have done it all before. They are professional and experienced and will give you that additional suggestion you may be looking for.  They have many plans to choose from and photos and options to get your creative juices flowing.  Need to add a home office so that you are able to work from home?  No problem.  Would an additional carport give you added protection for your boat or motor home?  Just ask about these unique ideas.

The Bottom Line
Look for experienced, dependable builders who are dedicated to customer service.  They will provide a premium quality garage for you at the right price.  They know how to manage a project efficiently.  They also know how to give you a garage that reflects your exact requirements. Ask for references and talk to their former clients.  You will know immediately if they are the right fit for your job.

If you are in the Chicago/NW Indiana area and searching for a custom garage builder, Contact Georges Garages for information about a knowledgeable, caring builder. We will be happy to help you with your next project.

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